Our Vision

We accept our opportunity to work with your children as a calling from God. Heritage Christian Preschool strives to be a preschool where children come to know tht they are created by God and where the love of God is shown to them. The early years of childhood are the most important to their development and learning. Our programs are designed to assist children to attain their fullest potential. We want the children to enjoy preschool, to have fun, to be excited about learning, and to look forward to coming to preschool each day.

  • 7:00AM – 6:00PM
  • Bob Jones & A Beka Curriculum
  • Morning and Afternoon snacks provided
  • Children must bring their own lunches
  • Nap time from 1:00PM – 2:30PM

OurĀ Purpose

The decisions you make concerning your child’s education are among some of the most important you will make as a parent. Our ministry at Heritage is geared toward giving your child the best introduction to math and language skills available. The other aspect of our program that we feel is just as important is our spiritual emphasis. This emphasis is what sets our preschool apart. We have the opportunity to not only teach academics, but to teach the children about a God who loves them and wants them to grow “in grace and in knowledge.”